Hello Reader,

A little bit about myself… hummm. Let me see, where to start is really the question here.
I guess I’ll start by saying “Hi” and my name is Miriah.
I’m a stay at home mom with my one son, Braxton. He is six months old and just getting his first tooth! I am so proud of my little man, he is almost crawling now. But as much as I love my son, this is an about me column.
I love crafts. Now to me crafts is a wide span of things. From cooking, to scrap-booking to drawing to refinishing furniture or even writing a blog. They are of a craft to me. Even in video games I play a wizard or a cleric. Both work on crafting whather is magic wheel or healing poisons. Oh, I’m also a gamer.
I play a well know game in the nerd world or “underworld” (as it has been called) named Magic the Gathering. It is a TCG or trading card game. I have played for eleven years now. Started with dad as soon as I was old enough! I come from a family full of nerds and men…. first girl in three generations on my dads side, I was. Haha
Well what else can I say? I feel like I’ve said to much, so I think I’ll bring this to a close.
Thanks for visiting my blog page and I hope you come back again and again and again and well you get it. wink emoticon 🙂
Anyway shoot me a message with any ideas, I love outside in put on topics!