My Birthday

My Birthday

Hello Reader,

Yesterday was my birthday and one of my closest friends took my son and I out for the day. Our two families minus my boyfriend because sadly he had to work, went to the water park in Apple Valley, MN. We all had a blast!

Three adults and four boys all loaded up into their big SUV for our outing. Arriving at the park we were told that we couldn’t bring the baby floatys because they weren’t lifeguard approved. Disappointing but understandable. After we all changed into our swimsuits the fun began!

The older boys splashed into the water with their dad as my friend and I waded into the shallows with our little munchkins. My friends son who is already walking slashed in mildly deeper waters as my son tried a new position of what I call crawl walking. Crawl walking as it suggests is where he crawls on his hands and feet instead of his knees.

After crawl walking for a while the two of us decided to sit and splash. Slapping is one of my little man’s favorite thing to do in water. Whilst splashing, my friend asked if we would like to join them on the dinosaur slide. The slide didn’t interested my little one but the water spewing out of spickets around the dinosaur was deeply amusing for him.

Realizing that my son was starting to get chilly, I returned to our lawn chairs put his water shirt on him. While applying a shirt to my very squirmy little lad, my friend approached and asked if I wanted to go on the lazy river. I have no idea what a lazy river was so I was hesitant because I’m not one for heights and all the water slides at Apple Valley Water Park are extremely to high for me.

After explaining that I had nothing to fear the two of us and our little munchkins were off in our inner tubes. My son loved the inner tube! As he lay across my arm on the front of the inner tube he splashed in the oncoming current of the water. Wanting to see the trill on my son’s face I began to spin the inner tube is circles every few feet. I watched as his eyes lite up and a smile appeared on his face so big that it looked like his cheeks might hurt.

Hours of these birthday water fun activities and the young ones became tired and hungry. I stopped to feed my son. He was eating chicken mixed with vegetable and a side of bananas as the other came to join me. We sat around chatting while the little ones ate and snacked. It was soon obvious that the babies needed a nap.

After packing everything and everyone in to the vehicle and headed back to my friends house. Once there, we all had some lunch and relaxed will the kids napped or played.

My friends, boyfriend surprised us with some cake and is was appsalutly amazing! Yummy, birthday cake!!! Best darn cake I’d had in a long time!

That was pretty much the end of all the excitement of my birthday but is was definitely a great one! Shout out to my best a loyal friend and her family!  Thank you!!!

Here is a clip of our two boys playing before we left for the water park.

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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