Users Reviews for Baby Daybook

Users Reviews for Baby Daybook

Hello Reader,

The last few days I have sent out emails to the users of the Baby Daybook application the I supplied with promo codes for the application expansion, asking for their thoughts on how the app worked for them.

Here are some words from those users now:

  • The app was very helpful in the beginning, however I stopped using it after two months when we had established our own routine. It’s extremely helpful in the beginning for new parents. Thanks! -Mona, California


  • I have really come to rely on the baby daybook app. I don’t use all the features  – just the feeding, medicine and nappy change features. It’s easy to use and I love the fact that you can add additional carers. That way, myself and my baby’s father are always up to date on nappy changes, feeds etc. I really would recommend it to all parents. Bianca,  Northern Ireland


  • We love the app and have it on both a tablet and the phone and they are synched which is awesome. We use it mainly for feeding and changing nappies tracking, but have used it occasionally for the temperature tracking when the little one was not feeling good. We are new parents, so this app was a lifesaver when going to the doctors and been asked how many times nappies were changed two days ago is so easy to find with this app and would have been impossible to remember in the turmoil of things otherwise. Highly recommend it to anyone.  -George & Nina,  United Kingdom


  • Some issues I wish they would work on: The timer while breastfeeding. Sometimes during breastfeeding, my baby starts to choke because she’s in a hurry to eat. So I have to pause so that I can pat her on her back. Problem is if I take more than a min and try to resume, it changes my start time. I wish it would keep the start and end time locked even if the duration wasn’t as long. Hope that makes sense. When pumping. I like to pump exactly 10 mins or 15 mins and like to time it. It would be nice to have a timer for pumping. Right now i just write in the comment section how many mins i pumped. Also i like to know how much i produced from each breast. Again i just make a note of it in the comment section. Poop. Yes, this a weird one but because I have mommy brain I sometimes freak out about the color of her poop. She had green poop for almost 4 weeks before it started to turn yellow, but sometimes i still see green poop. I wish, at least for newborns, that there was a check mark for green, yellow, other color of poop. Currently i just make note in the comment section.Length of sleep. Just yesterday my 7 week old slept 6.5 hours and I started to worry. I couldn’t remember if she had done this before and so i had to go back through every single day and make a note of what days she slept 5 hours or more. It was had to tell in the timeline section. Wish there was some sort of option in the statistics section for number of times baby has slept 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours,etc.  -Kiran and I’m from New York.


  • I’ve found Baby Daybook very good to use, it’s user friendly and easy to navigate. It lets you track everything, and put notes into the sections which is great, especially if you’re using multiple medications or similar, you can then use the notes to distinguish. I found that I got very addicted, I initially downloaded to app to track by babies sleep,  but found I was soon tracking everything that I could from tummy time, to bowel movements. The only downside to the app is that I find the graph very hard to read. It doesn’t give you different options of view which I found incredibly annoying. I know that you can change to view each individual thing you are tracking or all of them, but the graph just isn’t very clear. It makes it difficult if you are trying to see a pattern. Other than that I have found the app to be very useful.  -Jess, South Australia


Hope you enjoyed hearing from some other users of this amazing application used all over the world! Keep an eye out for more reviews and updates on Baby Daybook!

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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